Our Staff

Our leadership team has vast experience in school business management, and in Minnesota school finance. We believe that if we work hard, we can make a difference. Dieci School Finance employees always want to make a difference.

Key Personnel

Robert ProcacciniRobert Procaccini, CPA, MASBO Certified

Robert Procaccini has over 11 years experience in school finance and accounting. He started his career in school finance and he has a knack for finance and accounting, enabling him to easily master the unique aspects of Minnesota School Finance. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a leader in providing school finance knowledge and extraordinary service to Dieci School Finance’ clients. He earned his CPA license in 2010 and continues to provide the service that school districts need to be successful.

Robert’s passion for guiding schools through the complexities of Minnesota school finance has earned him the role of trusted advisor to both his clients and his coworkers.

Robert has a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the College of St Scholastica, and he is a Certified School Business Official, certified by MASBO (Minnesota Association of School Business Officials).

Joe AlipertoJoe Aliperto

Joe Aliperto has more than 12 years of finance and accounting experience in both the public and private sector, working with a wide variety of clients throughout the nation.  Prior to his career in school finance, Joe spent five years managing projects dealing with complex financial analysis, rate studies, determination of revenue requirements and cost of service analysis. He has considerable experience in key account analysis, financial forecasting, load analysis, and other financial analysis. He was previously an auditor of both public and not for profit entities including governmental agencies and charter schools. During his entire career he has enjoyed presenting his analysis and results to Boards, Council, Commissions, and senior management.

Joe’s attention to detail combined with his analytical skills make him a valuable resource to his clients.

Joe has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Concordia University.

Senior Accountants

Christine Geissler

With an associate’s degree in accounting from Minneapolis Business College, Christine has over 5 years of school finance experience working with a wide variety of charter schools and clients in the industry.  With recently having a child, the education system is even more of a priority than ever and she wants to continue to see schools thrive financially as well as educationally.

Amanda Hobbs

In addition to her bachelor’s degree in accounting from St. Mary’s, Amanda has over 6 years of extensive experience working in school finance.  Her dedication to her clients and passion for school business is irreplaceable.  She loves the ability to work closely with clients both on and offsite.

Brian Robinson

Brian has an associate’s degree in accounting from St. Cloud Technical Community College.  With his previous management experience and over 2 years of school finance experience, he is able to provide a great amount of value from many levels of accounting and business.