About Us

Founded in 2014, Dieci School Finance provides Minnesota School Business services to several charter school clients across the state.

Based on our combined staff experience and the belief in each of our client’s missions, we built a business focused on making a positive impact for our clients and their schools. We pulled together some of the most valuable personnel in the industry to create a strong team for our clients. Our services are often retained by schools based on previous relationships with us and their faith in our expertise and capabilities, which we have steadfastly demonstrated over the years.

Vision Statement

Dieci School Finance strives to see every school attain financial security and have the ability to focus on student achievement and success.

Mission Statement

Dieci School Finance provides Business Management Services to schools through knowledgeable personnel and exceptional understanding of each schools individual financial needs and expectations. We aim to provide the proper tools and information to succeed financially, allowing our clients the freedom to focus on the daily operations and future goals of the school. We are not just a service provider. We form a partnership with each of our clients to ensure success; we strongly believe in the staff and the goals of the schools we serve.